Welcome to the Web Incentive Processing System for the Gulf Power Company Residential Ceiling Insulation program.

Verify current eligibility requirements and incentives amount listed on our Website before submitting this application.

Completely fill out each section; incomplete forms will not be processed. If you are unable to complete the application online, you may complete the application by phone at 1-877-655-4001.  You may also mail or email the following supporting documentation:

1. a legible copy of your itemized sales receipt, marked paid

2. a legible copy of the Residential Ceiling Insulation Incentive Certificate

3. a legible copy of the Residential Ceiling Insulation Incentive Application

You may mail to: Gulf Power Incentives, One Energy Place, Pensacola, FL 32520-0231, or email to: Gulf-Incentives@NEE.com.

Please DO NOT mail-in your originals - only legible copies.  Make a copy of this application for your records.  For More information, call 1-877-655-4001 

Gulf Power Account Number (No Spaces or Dashes)
General Eligibility Questions
Are you a Participating Independent Contractor (PIC) with a valid SAP Vendor number?
Was product purchased and installed after November 2, 2020?